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    Digital Sea Ltd are an internationally accredited training provider specialising in delivering interactive e-learn courses for people of all ages, nationalities and abilities who want to work in some of the most exciting sectors of the travel industry.

    We are an international company serving job seekers, students, schools, colleges and training institutes all around the world. Our client base stretches from the UK to Asia, working with well-established organisations in China, Japan, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Korea, Nepal, Indonesia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa with associations with some of the worlds leading travel brands.

    The travel industry is one of the largest and most rapidly expanding sectors in the world, but in an increasingly competitive environment the need for candidates to stand out and become more marketable by being better trained and more knowledgeable in their chosen travel career path has never been greater.

    We address those needs directly by providing job seekers with a range of specialist online training courses designed and created by leading industry experts. Thousands of people from all over the world have taken our e-learn courses to help secure exciting positions in the cruise, aviation, resort and superyacht industries.

    All of our courses are designed not only to ensure job seekers receive the right level of knowledge and training to become stronger, more marketable candidates for a career in travel, but to also provide those candidates with job placement assistance and advice once they finish their course.

    That’s why our courses are also used by well-established colleges, universities and training institutes all over the world to provide their students with the best training and the best possible advantages in their chosen travel career path.

    Our online training solution allows learners to train at a time and place that suits them as well as at their own pace. Our e-learning platform uses high-quality content and graphics, audio, lively videos and interactive testing to ensure learners are kept engaged throughout the courses and maintain the knowledge they have gained.

    Popular courses at Digital Sea Ltd

    Passenger Service Agent E-Learning Course

    The modules on the Passenger Service Agent course contain information on what you will be typically expected to learn on joining an airline or ground handling agency for the position of Passenger Service Agent. By completing this course, you will not only have an advantage when you start your...
    This is an online course

    £149£75per course

    Superyacht Diploma Course

    This course designed for people who want to get paid to travel the world by working on luxury superyachts. Created by leading training and recruitment experts from the superyacht industry, the Superyacht course has been designed to give those looking for superyacht jobs the ultimate competitive...
    This is an online course

    From£149per course

    Cruise Ship Diploma - E-Learning Course

    If getting paid to travel the world by working on luxury cruise liners sounds like your dream job, then our Cruise Ship Diploma course is the ideal course for you! Created by training and recruitment experts from leading cruise line companies, the Cruise Ship Diploma course has been designed to...
    This is an online course

    From£149per course

    3 courses at Digital Sea Ltd

    Become Cabin Crew E-Learning Course

    Our Cabin Crew Course is the leading online course designed for people who want to become cabin crew. Our cabin crew course is designed in association with leading airlines and works closely with these airlines to get you a cabin crew career once you finish the course. The cabin crew course lets...
    This is an online course

    From£149per course

    Online Photography Course (18-Modules)

    Take the Web's Most Popular Online Photography Course!   Whatever your age, ability or camera… has been developed by professional photographers and worldclass e-learning experts with YOU in mind!   Through 18 fun, effective and engaging training modules we hold you by the hand...
    This is an online course

    £499£199per course

    Holiday Rep / Resort Representative E-Learn Course

    Working as an overseas holiday rep is brilliant fun and the job of a lifetime! If you want to work as a holiday rep but you have no prior experience, training or knowledge of the industry or you have struggled to get hired in the past… then the Holiday Rep Certificate e-learn course has been...
    This is an online course

    From£199per course

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