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TEFLINK offers a comprehensive range of teacher training courses designed to equip the tutee with the skills, confidence and knowledge required to teach English. TEFLINK courses focus in particular on preparation to sit the internationally recognised University of Cambridge ESOL Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT), further increasing your employability in the world of TEFL. We are the market leader; one of the foremost providers of TEFL training in Europe. Our many years of experience in training students and receiving their feedback about our courses has helped guarantee you highly professional and refined training programmes. Our approach is relaxed and flexible, yet highly effective. Our expertly skilled educators have designed our range of TEFLINK courses to ensure that on completion you have an academically sound qualification which is highly valued internationally.

Best Trainers, Worldwide

Our expert team have over 35 years of teaching and educating experience under their belt. We have a team of worldwide professional teacher trainers, all of which are dedicated, experienced and highly motivated.

Popular courses at TEFLINK

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The Nubie 20 hour TEFL course

Get off to a flying start with this easy to complete course that’s specially designed to help you quickly grasp the fundamentals of teaching English as a Foreign Language. You’ll be delighted at the new techniques we’ve used to make training clear and memorable.
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From£169per course

The Bachelor 80 hour TEFL course

Get yourself noticed among applicants for international teaching positions by completing this thorough training in all aspects of TEFL, culminating in a TEFL Intermediate Certificate. You’ll receive solid, practical knowledge in the fundamentals of teaching English along with specialist tra...
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From£179per course

The Postgraduate 120 hour TEFL course

This may be the one teaching institution where you can jump straight to the top courses without stringent prerequisites. All you need is your get-up-and-go! If you’re determined and ambitious and willing to stick with your plans, (and we’ll hold your hand if it gets tough!) then t...
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