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Posted by Nikki Garriques to Meet the experts | 31st Jan 2014

Makeup expert – Erika Toth I meet a lot of women with very low self esteem because they feel they aren’t beautiful enough. I think that’s what really pushed me into make up and that lead me to create such an extreme version... Tweet this

Meet the makeup artist who is able to drastically alter the appearance of her clients. Can you guess which woman is which?

For many of us, makeup is synonymous with magic. It can cover up some of our worst blemishes, emphasise our best bits and transform those of us who feel more like a beast than a beauty. It’s an industry worth millions of pounds in the UK and trained makeup artists can find work all over the place – from film sets to beauty salons.

Here at lovemycourse, there’s nothing we like more than a good makeover. There’s something really incredible about seeing the transformation just a flick of a mascara wand or the sweep of a brush can bring and when we see the difference makeup can make, not only to the outward appearance of someone but to their inner confidence, we can’t help but be amazed.   

This week we had the privilege of chatting to course provider and talented makeup artist, Erika Toth, who radically transforms her clients from ordinary girls next door, to glamorous unrecognisable beauties. 

What is it you enjoy about makeup artistry?

I love taking on new challenges, experimenting with my skills, coming up with creative ideas and expressing myself with the artistic use of make up. I have been a part of some fabulous runway/fashion shoots, beauty pageants, movies, and music videos. I enjoy the freedom of expression that is portrayed through my work. This is not just a job to me; it’s my passion, my life and my true love.

How did you get started in this industry?

I actually started when I was 30, which shows that you are never too old to rediscover your passion. I am 40 now and I have made a name for myself over the last few years. As well as my talent and passion for what I do, I believe that I have been very fortunate and lucky to have the opportunities I have had and to have worked with the level of people I have worked with. I believe that luck has been my travel companion and guide from the very beginning and I hope it never leaves me.

What is your teaching style like?

I am very creative and so I like to push boundaries.  My students benefit from having a very imaginative, original and experience tutor who will demand the absolute best from them.  I am hands on and so 99% of my lessons are based around the practical aspect of makeup. I strongly believe that all you need is good taste for makeup, stable hands and an open mind willing to explore and create your own lane. I know that I am very capable of bringing out the very best in my students.  Most of my students never want to leave and they always call me up for guidance!

But what if they end up competing with you in the industry?

I don’t see my students as future competition. I treat them as future successful makeup artists and give them the best knowledge about techniques, business ideas and products. When they leave my courses they are full of ideas, plans and feel that there is no limit to what they can achieve.

What have your students ended up doing?

Actually many of my students have received paid jobs within a week after they finished the course with me, whilst others share good news with me about the fashion shoots and music video shoots they have managed to secure as a result of training with me.

What inspired you to create such extreme looks for women using makeup?

I meet a lot of women with very low self esteem because they feel they aren’t beautiful enough.  I think that’s what really pushed me into make up and that lead me to create such an extreme version of beauty. I try to show women ways to maximise their beauty so they never have to go through the pain of feeling inadequate.

That’s a great ethos but when things get tough in your own life, how do you keep yourself going?

There are ups and downs in my life and career, and I always believe that after a short bad period, if I keep the faith and have hope for what tomorrow will bring, things will change for the best. I believe that by having a positive attitude at all times, anything is possible.

What ‘rules’ do you live by?

You only live once... make the best of it.

Do you have any goals for the future? What are they?

I am working on producing, ‘How to do’ makeup styles magazine articles and a makeup style book within the next couple of months. I am also working on producing material for a face lifting class I hope to run soon.

 If you want to find out more about Erika’s make up courses, have a browse of them here on lovemycourse, or check out the other beauty courses available. 

Nikki Garriques posted 31st Jan 2014

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